Aug 01

Why Every Man Should Carry A Knife

By Donna Elliott | Interesting facts

Strong, sturdy, masculine, rugged – these are but a few adjectives the can be used to described the pocket knife. An item typically associated with males and their outdoorsy behavior, without wanting to seem sexist, the pocket knife is a tool that almost every man should carry. The question is: Why? Is being outdoors the only reason a person should carry a pocket knife, and when outdoors what purpose will the pocket knife serve? This article will provide information on the top reasons why every man (or woman) should carry a pocket knife.

It Can Be Used To Cut Things

opening of packagesThe most basic and obvious purpose for any knife is to cut items that need cutting. Despite living in a world of perforation and “easy open” bags, there are situations where one will be required to use a blade. One common example is the opening of packages or letters. In previous years, people would utilize letter openers which were typically fancy knives kept for the single purpose of cutting the edge of the letter. Plastic packages are a particularly difficult piece of mail to open, but they can be overcome using pocket knives. Of course, mail is not the only item that a pocket knife could be used to cut; there are nets, ropes, wires, anything that a person is unable to tear apart.

Helping Others In Emergency Situations

Drawing from the pocket knife’s use for cutting things, we look at the different situations in which it can be used to cut things. One scenario where a pocket knife is beneficial is emergency situations. For example, an individual may find himself or herself trapped in a car underneath seat belts that will not unlock. By having a knife in your pocket, you will be prepared to help the individual by cutting the belt and leading them to safety. Many people would stare onward feeling helpless without being able to assist in any way, but your pocket knife will ensure you are one of the helpful ones.

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Helping Yourself In Emergency Situations

As you are able to help another person in their emergency situation, having a knife in your pocket can also assist in saving you from your own emergency situation. For example, if you find your shoelaces are caught in an escalator with you still wearing the shoe, you will be able to cut yourself free. By carrying a pocket knife, you can be assured that you are prepared for any dangerous situations.

Acting As A Substitute Tool

The majority of people will attest to finding themselves in situations where they need a particular tool but do not have access to it. By carrying a pocket knife, you will be holding the most useful tool available acting as a substitute in almost any situations. Think about it; a knife can substitute as a hammer by using the flat end to hammer nails into a surface. It can also pull nails out of any surfaces if needed. Furthermore, the knife is useful as a screwdriver to screw in different types of screws irrespective of the head. This is particularly useful when dealing with the smaller screws that are difficult to tighten manually.

As A Camping Resource

Camping ResourcePocket knives have been noted as useful substitute tools, and this is most often seen when on a camping trip. These items are beneficial in knocking in tent pegs, cutting ropes, and even building the fire. While the pocket knife cannot chop down large pieces of wood, it can cut small branches and strip kindling off the stumps. Kindling is important when starting a fire as it acts as fire starters to introduce the flame to the larger pieces of wood, as well as keeping the fire going through the night. Pocket knives can also be used as alternative methods of lighting a spark if there are no other options.


As can be seen, there are various reasons why a person should keep a knife in their pocket. By using the information above, you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you will choose a pocket knife.

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Jun 02

Medical Breakthrough-VetiGel

By Donna Elliott | Inventions , Researches

VETIGEL, a fast-acting plant-primarily based gel that prevents severe bleeding in approximately 12 seconds, is expected to improve hemostasis by achieving in seconds what the modern-day trendy of care takes a few minutes to accomplish. Suneris, a Brooklyn-based biotech enterprise, will introduce VETIGEL throughout a product launch event in Brooklyn.

syringe1-4aVetiGel provides in terms of time financial savings and conveniences a big, possibly life over death changing difference for pets and veterinarians inside the struggle towards blood loss prevention.

Because of its biocompatible nature, VetiGel will be incredibly easy to use. Even if too much gel is applied, it will act as a support to the existing layer further increasing the resistance in case of patients mobility due to an early release from a hospital or veterinary clinic. This wonder gel works by taking the form of the tissue with which it comes in contact, hence solidifying to forestall the glide of blood from the wound.

VETIGEL can be found in veterinary markets throughout U.K. and U.S. in this summer season and is expected to transform standards for acting each recurring treatments and complex operations in veterinary clinics. As a normal veterinary device, VETIGEL will allow veterinarians to act fast in the course of processes which includes biopsies, dental extractions and different emergency and life securing care tactics.

The main smooth tissue doctor Ken Sadanaga said that in life threatening operations every single second counts. He also added that veterinarians that are equipped with VetiGel will have better chances at doing what they do best- saving animal lives.

bef9285118c8ea997ec35b02763ed5aaWhen the Vetigel releases as pre-tested product, representatives, and veterinarians from the biotech industry, nearby businesses and authority officials will pay attention to Landolina, cope with the organization’s plans for VETIGEL. At the same time as VETIGEL is intended best for the veterinary marketplace, the employer is running to attain FDA popularity of the generation for human-use capacity, which include the army, emergency medicinal drug, and human surgical use. The inventor of this great idea believes that Vetigel will be at some point within the use of as a simple tool kit for first aid responder for army employees as well as clinical experts.

In the future, Joe Landolina is hoping that VetiGel will cover many fields, including the army, emergency medication, and human surgical use. Suneris is a biotech enterprise targeted on inventive emergency scientific technologies that could improve affected person care and save lives. Suneris’ most reliable product, VetiGel, is designed solely for veterinarians to forestall moderate to annoying bleeding of the internal organs. Imagine how this amazing scientific breakthrough can change our lives, reduce medical bills and make everyday situations much easier to handle. This all become possible as an idea in a head of Joe Landolina early in 2011, when he was University student. His potential future partner and colleague backed off from the project in early 2013, when he started focusing on his project. Landolina contacted medical magazines and websites responsible for a medical breakthrough marketing and told them to publish that this will be a one man project from now on.

Jun 02

VetiGel is the Bandage of the Future

By Donna Elliott | Interesting facts , Inventions , Researches

Time is of the essence when heavy bleeding start that can affect the life of a patient and possibly end it. VetiGel is the new advancement in medicine, it is primarily based on plants in a form of gel. It can be applied directly to skin or even organs surface. It stops the bleeding in a matter of few short moments. The shortest time it need to seal the wound and stop the bleeding that was measured was 17 seconds. This medical breakthrough could save countless lives at the battlefield. However there are many tests to be done in order for regulations to be in place for human use. Currently it is available as a product for veterinary clinics.

Vetigel looks like any other similar product on the market, but the effect it has on stopping the bleeding and sealing the wounds make a deference separating it from any other available product of this sort. Other product can also stop the bleeding but not in such short period. It usually take 5 to 10 minutes to stop the bleeding when VetiGel does the same thing even better.


page_29Joe Landolina the inventor of this amazing product, started with this idea in 2011 with his colleague at that time as a freshmen at New York University. The first model of the VetiGel was created with the help of the mentioned colleague who was also a NYU scholar Kenny Mai. After Mai abandoned the project chasing his own ideas, Landolina contacted Huffingtone press team and stated that he is a one man company from now on.

Later Joe Landolina started the company and named it Suneris. He is now the CEO and co-founding father of Brooklyn biotech company. He created this bio-gel on plant-based polymers, by extracting the crucial components of the plant responsible for natural coagulation of the blood. This allows the gel to stop the bleeding in less than 20 seconds.

Landonlina reveals for the Bloomberg magazine that Vetigel acts like a Lego construction block for the body. The blocks in this case are plant based polymers extracted from the plants cell partitions that basically mimic the material they are placed next to in this case blood and skin.


syringe-2-logoOmar Ahmad is the vice president of Suneris engineering team, states that minutes and often seconds can make the difference between life and death. He chose as an example a soldier on the battlefield who is being shot in the femoral artery. This would otherwise mean a certain death for soldier, but applying Vetigel to the shoot would stop the bleeding tin a matter of seconds preventing the blood loos that would lead to his demise.

A VetiGel is not intended for human use yet, as more testing is to be done and more refining of the formula is needed before it can be FDA approved. If all goes well and no side effects for the human body are found we can soon have the future bandage that will change our lives.

Jun 02

Kids have a good future

By Donna Elliott | Interesting facts , Inventions

A lot of people claim that today’s kids are worse generation than the older generations. Their main argument is that older generations had to fight for their education and jobs, and younger folks don’t have to try so hard. They believe that younger generations are spoiled and that they don’t try enough to create something different that will describe them as intellectual beings. However, people forget that there were lazy and unimaginative people in older generations as well. Therefore, why elders underestimate potentials of kids? It’s like when you compare footballers like Maradona and Messi; they are both great players and many history sports books will write about them, but no matter if Messi does not win the World Cup that doesn’t make him a worse player than Maradona. We could make any similar comparison in every aspect of our lives. We can make comparisons in the world of sports, history, politics, medicine… And speaking of medicine, one young lad, made an astonishing revelation. Laboratory_LHS_LabThe revelation that could potentially have a result like the discovery of antibiotics, by pass, or something that today’s medicine cannot be imagined. Many doubters would say that something called veti-gel cannot have a significant point like mentioned medicine discoveries. I have to admit, veti-gel, by its name,  sounds like some hustle product that exists only to occupy naïve potential buyers that are ready to give enormous amounts of money to some elixir of life. But if you think like that, you would be very wrong.

this-band-aid-of-the-future-stops-bleeding-in-just-secondsVeti-gel is an astonishing product, to be a specific gel that makes bleeding wounds instantly stopped. Some would say that this is like a band aid, but veti-gel has more power than that. Veti-gel can stop bleeding internally and externally. Band-aid cannot work like that; you would probably die. This is herbal medicine, but unlike others, this product has proven its worth in the medicine field. Similar products were made earlier, but this algae-based product is much more effective. It isn’t a surprise when you hear that veti-gel got attention from the military because having this product in war zone gives an enormous advantage. The process is simple. When you inject veti-gel into an open injury, no matter its outside damage of the skin or inner wound in blood vessels and organs, the material triggers coagulations procedure approximately immediately.

LANDOLINOAnd who is this kid that we talked about at the beginning? Well, his name is Joe Landolina, NYU student that can today call himself a founder of a company called Suneris. This Brooklyn biotechnology business will soon change the world with this product, and it wouldn’t exist if seventeen Joe did not work in his grandfather’s lab on something. That something is now called veti-gel. He and his fellow student and colleague are now called company owners, and they could be potential Nobel Prize winners. And that’s because they believed in themselves and they weren’t some lazy kids. So you see, there is hope for the younger generation. Elders shouldn’t have prejudices about younger generation because it’s not important whether is someone young or old. It’s important that someone is capable or not.

Jun 02

Learning at pub quiz

By Donna Elliott | Interesting facts

the_pub_quizThrough my life, my guide was always – every day you learn something. Maybe because of that, I am an extreme fan of the pub quiz. I am a fan of quizzes in general, but, like many I suppose, I have a problem with going on TV. It’s not so simple when you are in the comfort of your home and talking which answer is correct. I believe that is the main difference between being a smart-ass and competitor in TV game shows. Let’s face it, if you know an answer in your house, while watching a popular game show, you can impress your friends, or you just don’t know the answer, and that’s it. If you are a contestant in a game show, you have a high stake of being embarrassed on the national television. Because of that, I will never be a contestant on a game show, but I will always compete in a pub quiz. That is a much smaller audience, and therefore, you can embarrass less.

womanlaptopbedMy team and I are pretty good in pub quizzes, but you sometimes learn something new. So one day when we didn’t know the answer to the question what is veti-gel, most of them just turn their head to the other side and continue to play. I, on the other hand, remembered to check out what is that when I come home. The question on the quiz was: What is the name of the gel that can rapidly stop bleeding no matter if we talk about internal or external wounds? Because of that question, I was so curious to find out more about veti-gel. It was a surprising note to hear it earlier because the product sounds like a revelation in the medicine world. So that evening, I came home, kissed my kids for the good night and went to look on my laptop everything that is needed to know about veti-gel.

gelVeti-gel, as previously mentioned question from pub quiz said, is a gel that has a swift effect on wounds that bleed. Wounds that bleed don’t have to be serious and sometimes simple band aid helps. But, the main purpose of veti-gel is that its influence can be enormous on many serious wounds, especially if we take into consideration its effectiveness on both internal and external wounds. The problem of why we didn’t hear about this product earlier is because the first example of how this product will look when it would be finished was in 2010. Then seventeen-year-old Joe Landolina created the first version. Yes, you heard me well, then seventeen years old. That means that he now has twenty-three. He had help by having a grandfather’s lab at his disposal, but that doesn’t change anything. He progressed with the veti-gel more while he was at college. He and his colleague worked on this new algae-based medicine that can eventually stop bleeding wounds immediately. Several similar products were made earlier, but none of them had such a major effect.

I don’t know what is more impressing in this story. The fact that I wouldn’t hear about this product if I didn’t play pub quiz that night or that a teenager made so revolutionary medicine.


May 14

VetiGel: Extraordinary innovation!

By Donna Elliott | Inventions , News , Researches

The world of modern medicine is pushing the limits every day, in theoretic knowledge, practical skills and applied technique and devices. But the modern medicine is inseparable bond to development and achievements in biotechnology and engineering. As a result of combining knowledge of various fields, straight out of the genius brain of 20-year-old student comes the latest innovation.

Veti-Gel carries a potential of imposing fundamental changes in modern medicine and some other fields where it could realize its purpose.

1441838644_vetigel-algae-serumJoe Landolina was 17 when he created the first version of his, soon to be patented, innovation. He created it while playing and experimenting in his grandfather’s lab. Three years later, as an official student at the New York University, he was exploring and analyzing the structure, functions and possibilities of special sorts of algae. As a result, he came up with this amazing substance based on plant – synthesized material which body normally produces to heal an open wound and stop bleeding. When injected into an open wound, whether its surface damage of the skin or internal wound in organs and blood vessels, the substance triggers coagulations process almost instantaneously. Depending on the characteristics of the wound and the way it’s applied, it triggers various mechanisms of clotting, platelet activation and fibrin production. The result is bleeding stopped within 12 seconds and wound completely healed within few minutes.

The idea is not entirely new, there are already similar products out there, but the effectiveness and several other traits make Veti-Gel extraordinary innovation compared to all similar ones.

maxresdefaultSince bleeding is number one cause of death among soldiers, it is understood that military services are investing the biggest share of money into the researches on haemostasis and military is going to be the first field where this product will be applied. Operating rooms and emergency surgery follows right after. Eventually, the long-run plan is to make it available to individuals for first aid at homes.

Currently, Landolina and the company representing him are shipping the product to veterinarians across the country, but Landolina has already submitted all required documentation to FDA and public is expecting to hear news about Landolina’s gained permission to apply his product on humans.


solaplast_14162697161612The expectations are realistic, considering that this algae-based polymer is safe enough to be absorbed into the body after the wound has healed. It triggers natural, physiological process in the body and it comes as a magical solution for some of the most urgent, life-threatening situations in medicine. This product is particularly considered for bleeding control in cases when big arteries are damaged or when the wound is located at some place difficult to bandage with tourniquets.

At the moment, Landolina and his company are manufacturing it in the form of five – milliliter syringes at the price of 150 dollars, but some terms of distribution will change after the FDA officially approves the use of the product on people.


As much as the mere product is a breakthrough invention, the fact that its innovator Landolina was twenty years old when created this is equally astonishing. The story makes you think deeper about all the upcoming breakthrough events in modern medicine, but also about the way most of us spend our time while some 20-year-old youngster is changing the world.


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