May 14

VetiGel: Extraordinary innovation!

By Donna Elliott | Inventions , News , Researches

The world of modern medicine is pushing the limits every day, in theoretic knowledge, practical skills and applied technique and devices. But the modern medicine is inseparable bond to development and achievements in biotechnology and engineering. As a result of combining knowledge of various fields, straight out of the genius brain of 20-year-old student comes the latest innovation.

Veti-Gel carries a potential of imposing fundamental changes in modern medicine and some other fields where it could realize its purpose.

1441838644_vetigel-algae-serumJoe Landolina was 17 when he created the first version of his, soon to be patented, innovation. He created it while playing and experimenting in his grandfather’s lab. Three years later, as an official student at the New York University, he was exploring and analyzing the structure, functions and possibilities of special sorts of algae. As a result, he came up with this amazing substance based on plant – synthesized material which body normally produces to heal an open wound and stop bleeding. When injected into an open wound, whether its surface damage of the skin or internal wound in organs and blood vessels, the substance triggers coagulations process almost instantaneously. Depending on the characteristics of the wound and the way it’s applied, it triggers various mechanisms of clotting, platelet activation and fibrin production. The result is bleeding stopped within 12 seconds and wound completely healed within few minutes.

bef9285118c8ea997ec35b02763ed5aaThe idea is not entirely new, there are already similar products out there, but the effectiveness and several other traits make Veti-Gel extraordinary innovation compared to all similar ones.

Since bleeding is number one cause of death among soldiers, it is understood that military services are investing the biggest share of money into the researches on haemostasis and military is going to be the first field where this product will be applied. Operating rooms and emergency surgery follows right after. Eventually, the long-run plan is to make it available to individuals for first aid at homes.

Currently, Landolina and the company representing him are shipping the product to veterinarians across the country, but Landolina has already submitted all required documentation to FDA and public is expecting to hear news about Landolina’s gained permission to apply his product on humans.


solaplast_14162697161612The expectations are realistic, considering that this algae-based polymer is safe enough to be absorbed into the body after the wound has healed. It triggers natural, physiological process in the body and it comes as a magical solution for some of the most urgent, life-threatening situations in medicine. This product is particularly considered for bleeding control in cases when big arteries are damaged or when the wound is located at some place difficult to bandage with tourniquets.

At the moment, Landolina and his company are manufacturing it in the form of five – milliliter syringes at the price of 150 dollars, but some terms of distribution will change after the FDA officially approves the use of the product on people.


As much as the mere product is a breakthrough invention, the fact that its innovator Landolina was twenty years old when created this is equally astonishing. The story makes you think deeper about all the upcoming breakthrough events in modern medicine, but also about the way most of us spend our time while some 20-year-old youngster is changing the world.


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